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How do you feed grain at meal times?

    We use feed bags to feed grain to our horses in their fields. This method of feeding not only ensures that each horse gets only their type and serving of grain, but it also ensures that each horse eats all of their grain (nothing gets spilled on the ground and wasted) and supplements. Feed bags also eliminate the need for the horses to feel like they need to be food aggressive. 
Heavenwood Farm Frequently Asked Questions
What is Full Turnout Board/Social Living?
    Full turnout board or social living is a situation where the horses live in a large pasture with a small herd of same gender horses/ponies. They have access to shelter and can choose if and when they would like to take shelter from the elements. They can move when they want to move, they can choose when and what to eat (hay and/or grass), and they can stretch out for a good nap if they choose to. 
 My horse has never lived outside. Will he/she adapt well?

    In our experience, horses do very well and have a pretty easy time adjusting from living at a farm where they are stalled 12+ hours per day to a living situation where they are outside most of the time. We blanket in the winter time when needed and do fly spray and fly masks in the summer. 
What benefits will I see from a full turnout or social living situation?

    Horses who have moved to our farm from regular boarding facilities have experienced benefits such as less joint stiffness, elimination of stocking up, better digestion and nutrient absorption, decrease in behavioral issues (both on the ground and under saddle), increase in ability to build and maintain muscle, less pasture related injuries, more consistent to ride under saddle and better overall mental health. 
Heavenwood Farm Frequently Asked Questions About Boarding: