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Now Offering Barefoot Hoof Trimming using the Apex Method!
Steph acquired her trimmer certification eight years ago after spending a year trimming her horses under the instruction of the creator of the Apex Method, Lana Comeriato. Steph has been able to correct issues such as underrun heels, persistent toe and quarter cracks and stretched soles, by trimming to encourage the growth of heel and a tighter laminae connection at the proper hoof angle. This relieves pressure on the tendons and ligaments of the legs and improves the movement and comfort of the horse. She trims client's horses and will take on new clients in the area on a case by case basis. Steph works on many different breeds of horses, but the largest percentage are Thoroughbreds (all sound and barefoot!). If you are interested in getting a consult, please contact Steph.
After 6 trims - 
still rehabbing